Network and Bus Drivers

Hey guys. Please forgive any stupidity!

I bought my Alienware X51 last September. All went well until a month ago when I went to boot the beast, and... nothing. No windows, no error messages, just...... nothing. Long story short, decided to do a complete reinstall. This was straightforward (win 7 x64). Now for the drivers: *simples*, I thought. Off to the Dell website. (I should explain that I never received a drivers disk or, in fact, any disks with the X51.)

My prob is that I cannot find drivers for: Network Controller; SM Bus Controller; Universal Serial Bus Controller. I did try the helpful drivers and software link at the top of this section, but sadly it aint working at the moment.

I am hoping that one of you guys might be able to point me in the right direction!

Many thanks :)