New alien 17 owner


Nov 12, 2016
I'm a New alien 17 owner, and Have to add 2 HDD to it (it a used machine),The putting the HDD in is no Problem.My question is I want to take out the HDD out of another machine (acer) and put it in the alien,I also have a new HDD that I will put in also.where the question comes is,Can I put the acer drive in and still access what is on the drive or can I use it as the second drive and access it ( maybe clone it on to the first drive?) or will I have to get a ext drive setup and then clone to the "new drive and then use the acer drive as my second?I have been backing up to a ext drive for awhile,but it acts weird sometimes and I'm not positive everything on the acer drive is backed up,and the acer is having MB issues otherwise I would have other choices.