New Alien :D


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Nov 22, 2014
I have had quite a few gaming rigs in my time, and have dabbled in repairs and what not and even owned a custom rig a family member sent me.
I had always had laptops, but decided I would like a desktop.
So, I found one on the Dell website, and grabbed it up with some coupon codes I had.
I got an Alienware X51 R2
It has the blu ray drive, a slow but decently sized HDD of 1TB compared to the 500GB ones I am used too. It has 8GB of ram, which I will be upgrading to 16GB of gskill ram soon enough and an adequate Nvidia GTX 745 which I hope to replace shortly as well.
My understanding is that the ram is no issue to upgrade but the gpu is a bit of a pain.
I was considering the EVGA 02G-P4-3753-KR for an upgrade. I see some other users have used this card with no issues.
It had an i5 4460, which should be enough for most games right now, so I will not be bothering with that.

In anycase, I had an MSI Apache-60 that was giving me problems, so I RMAd it and returned it and got this new one which will do the job for about 1/3 of the price of the laptop.

I look forward to what the computer can do with some tweaks and am exited to be a part of this community.

As far as games that I play at the moment. I play Guildwars 2, and Magic the Gathering Online, I was playing Guild Wars 1 until I forgot my login information. I have a few various other games that I play as well but not so often such as Scions of Fate which is an old game and I have a few other non-online games such as Skyrim and Portal 2 and basically any $5 steam game :D

So far the only issues I have encountered is that the system does not like my wireless mouse, it seems to lag and cut out, I may have to pick up a wired one...which my kitten will just love.

Anyway, that is my introduction,

Stay safe, and holiday cheers :D
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