New Alienware 14: Screen brightness issue


New Member
Aug 16, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I recently got my Alienware 14 with all options (windows 8, 64-bit). Everything seems to work fine excepted the screen brightness that is driving me nuts.

I explain myself here :

1) Whenever I am playing a video game and the battery goes to a low level, my screen brightness suddenly changes to 0 % while I want only the power button to be flashing until i am plugging my computer (i guess that is one of the point of Alien FX)

2) Once the brightness is at 0 % because of the battery level, I plug the computer and then the brightness goes to the brightness percentage I have been setting up in "power options" for "Plugged-in", which is normal.
My problem here is that when the battery is not low anymore (for example 70 %) and that I unplug my computer, the brightness goes down to 0% because of the above issue ! So every single time I need to manually reset my brightness level for "on battery" in "power options".

Thus, because of the first issue (point 1), I am having the second issue that does not make sense (my power options settings should not be definitely changed automatically by the computer and the brightness put 0% as default).
This is annoying me a lot as I am playing everyday on my Alienware.... but I did not find any way to fix this.

So I would really appreciate if someone from this Alienware community could help me on this.

Thank you so much !!!

PS: My brightness is set up at 44 % in both "on battery" and "plugged in". The adaptive brightness is disabled. The dimmed display brightness is at 44 % as well. "Low battery notification" is Off and " low battery action" is on "do nothing".