New Alienware Aurora Owner


Oct 4, 2014
Hi i am new with alienware and i have alienware aurora with alx chassis.
I have few questions and i will be happy if you will answer them:
1.Its happened to me twice that the computer started to beep on boot up, should i worry about that? what is the meaning of this?
2. There is a small symbol l above the alien head that sometime glow white what is it?
3.All of the ambient sensor show 27-29 c while i am not playing games ,and 30-31 c when i am in game , is that normal or high??
4.The fans are a little bit louder from what they were on the first month with this computer(SystemFan speed:1209;PCI Fan:1550;HardDrive Fan:1012;)
Should i clean the fans???If yes how much fans and where they are located ?
Thank you very much,