New Alienware owner. Yay!


Jun 11, 2015
Hey all. This is my first Alienware laptop. Really glad that I'm finally able to own one after 9 years of patiently waiting to be in a financial position to buy one. I own the 17 R2 on the lowest end of the spectrum, only opted for 16GB RAM instead of the standard 8GB. I also noticed that I was upgraded to the i7 4720HQ. Not much difference from the 4710HQ except the stock clock speed at 2.6GHz instead of 2.5GHz.

In my spare time I play my PS4. Will probably start gaming on PC now with this lappy as well, but I still love my PS4. I also record music in Cubase, have been playing guitar for 16 years. My day job is being a programmer for the leading financial software vendor here in the Great White North.