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Aug 10, 2016
Hello Everyone,

I'd like to introduce you to my newest Alien. The Area 51 R1.

Stock MSI MS-7543 LGA1336
Intel Core i7 990X 6 core 12 threads
Dual Nvida GTX 560s (Replaced with XFX Radeon RX 480 RS)
XFX Radeon RX 480 RS 8GB GDDR5
Killer PCIe Network card
4TB WD Hard disk
256 SSD
1TB Seagate Hard disk
525GB Crucial MX500 SSD
Stock Astek Alienware Liquid Cooling AIO

Question I'd like to address. The PO Installed Windows 10, Im not a big fan of 10 and, I knew the machine came with 7 Ultimate. I couldnt find a Windows Recovery Disk in the manual, so I installed 7 Home Premium. Is there a way I can upgrade to Ultimate with the Product Key?

Other than that, Booting takes an astronomical amount of time on the Splash Screen. Is there a way to speed this process up?

After Installing the Killer Ethernet Driver, Command Center, and Chrome, the system runs fairly well.

I plan on upgrading later to an Area 51 R2 LGA 2011-v3 Mobo, Intel Core i7 5820k, and 32GB of RAM

Thanks for viewing, -Andrew
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Jan 9, 2013
Nice Andrew. Your Alien Collection's getting bigger

Your black paint job looks a little too shiny for an ALX. The Service Tag can tell you if it's a standard Cosmic Black (semi-gloss, a deep purple-black metallic flake) or the ALX Space Black (true jet black in a matte / satin) model. Try Support > enter Service Tag > view original config > pan down to the Chassis / PSU section, find your description ... here's my Standard vs ALX

ALX, the front panel motors up & down. Another fast way to tell, is open your side panel doors: Standard chassis is bare aluminum inside, ALX is all black anodized inside. Compare Standard X493R & ALX P685R to yours. Of course, we can polish the Standard Cosmic Black panels into glossy Stellar Black panels using car polish & wax

Your J560M, but more likely it's an XDJ4C mthrbrd is by MSI, it's an MS-7543. Most other 51 parts are by Flextronics, not aware of any Foxconn parts in it (but there may be a few)(?)

The splash screen is famously a little slow, but may get worse due to USB device(s) or a wonky HDD spinner drive on its way out; if not, I don't know how to speed it up other than use an SSD (as you're doing) & be on the latest Bios; A10 & A11 are available on the Historical Drivers FTP page

I have the XJKKD R2 2011v3 mthrbrd here, I bought it 2years ago, never got it the final few parts to get it running -but- I'm glad to report that I just bought it a 5930k & some DDR4 last Friday, I'll have it up & running in my R1 after the CPU / DDR4 gets here Wednesday

EDIT: Thursday --> It's Alive <--
XJKKD R2 X99 1 - Copy.JPGCapture4.JPG

Will be happy to trade notes w/ you. Due to the presence of only x1 USB 2.0 header, the MIO needs to plug in there 1st, & later I'll be using an NZXT USB hub (after I can dig it out of storage) to get the top external USB back in action. I've converted two of my top ports to USB3.0, whereas you may like to look for a 2.0 -to- 3.0 adaptor & get a pair of them plugged into the R2's 3.0 header. I'll be posting a short build log (either in here or the Dellware forum) when I'm done

If you're in the US, a good thermal upgrade is the 240 x 38mm wide Asetek 570LX, seller may take $50 even; though a little old these are new-old-stock, I bought another pair last week from this seller Capture.JPG , one will debut on my 2011v3 build next week (570LX would need the skt 2011 Asetek ring to work). Otherwise, look into new 240mils (+ 2011 ring) when your budget permits for best cooling on the Hotwell-E (=

If your rear Win7Ult product key is legible, try Micro$oft 7 ISO, enter product key, see if they offer it as a download. If so, install it & activate online (or phone). Otherwise, keep eye out for original OEM DVD media which installs pre-activated
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Aug 10, 2016
As far as the Alien collection goes, this is the last for a while lol. But that wont stop me from obtaining either a Black Dragon case or an all original *working* Martian Red Predator 1. (Dragon Is a good price but, with no internals and shotty outside condition, Its too far out of my way to pick up) And still looking out for a spare Pred 2 for parts.

I had figured that the system wasnt ALX when I went to inspect, the front panel wasnt motorized, but i could've sworn it said it had the motorized front panel on the Dell config before I bought. And will Update thread with corrections. I had been eyeing the system for almost over a month now, and had just finally saved up enough. And the system is Running BIOS A11.

As far as the Astek cooler, I'd figure I'd go with the NOS off of eBay since viewing your thread on the 240m AIO conversion. After that I will probably remove all the internals and give the inside a shot of black, then install the new components.

I currently found a Windows 7 feature that allows you to upgrade to a better edition of 7, It can be accessed through Control Panel> System & Security> Windows Anytime Upgrade. From there you can choose to upgrade via buying the edition you want online, or product key. I chose product key and It verified without error as the Windows 7 ISO dowloaded did, And is currently downloading updates and preparing to install. Unlike my Aurora, The PO bought directly from Dell and even included the manual, I had hoped for the manual to contain the Windows 7 U Restore disk, But no, Just resource DVD and TactX Drivers.

Other than that, I am obligated by myself to celebrate a new PC purchase to play a game of SPORE. And my dad has to play his mandatory game of solitare so he can remember how the cards would fly across the screen so slowly and awe at the speed of the system.

Update: The Windows 7 Upgrade Tool successfully upgraded to Ultimate with no hiccups.