New Aurora R10, need counsel


New Member
Mar 18, 2021
Yardley, PA
My Ryzen R10 arrives tomorrow; but I want to transfer onto it my current copy of Windows 10 and the rest of my programs from the old SSD of my previous computer. Is there any reason why I should not, or cannot, simply overwrite the hard drive and OEM Windows edition in my new R10? Thanks in advance for any advice.


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
You can use cloning software to transfer your old drive to the new drive. You can't just overwrite a Windows installation though. The drive on the new machine will have to be formatted first or you will have two Windows installation on the same drive.
Personally, I don't like cloning an old drive to a new one, I prefer to do a full clean Windows installation. It takes longer as you have to reinstall all your extra software and games.
You could also just put your old drive in a spare slot in the R10 and change your boot order in the BIOS to make this drive the boot drive. Then you can format the R10's original boot drive and use it for storage.