New Aurora R4, Less USB ports ???

I think it's because Dell/Alienware is using a motherboard that has less ports then the old R1-R3. I dont have the same Aurora as you mine is a older R1 model, so I dont know exactly why they did that, but it seems you would have to call up and ask the Dell support that question or double check the back usb ports again you might have overlooked and didn't see that extra port because you might have gotten to excited and didn't catch it. Iv done that before that's why I'm saying that I hope this helps, Cheers!


Aug 10, 2012
I got mine and was like WTF? 4 on the back + a 3.0, and 2 + a 3.0 on the front. I ended up adding a powered USB to add my sticks and TrackiR etc. Not a big fan of the fact that the Tactx keyboard takes two ports, but I love the look and feel so left my G15 out of the equation.