New AW 18 beeps in the startup & display won't work


New Member
Feb 5, 2016
Hi guys. I have a new AW 18 which I purchased from back in 2014 August. When I turn on my laptop, it sometimes works fine. But sometimes it doesn't. All the keyboard lights are lighted up but the display doesn't come up. It stays dead and gives a constant single beep.

When this happens I hold on to the power button to let the laptop shutdown and wait for a while to start it again.

When I start again in a few minutes, sometimes it works fine but sometimes it doesn't. I just use this laptop all times at indoors and I hardly move it. However I reside right next to a highway so this laptop is prone to fine dust particles. What do you guys think is wrong with my laptop?
Take the laptop apart and remove Nvidia video card, or if you have SLI setup then remove both video cards. Then put the laptop together again and see if it will start video any problems using build in Intel video card. If you have no problems then you Nvidia card gone bad. You can also have bad connection on memory, due to dust issue, so check RAM first. Remove one memory chip at a time and see if it changes anything.