New AWO 17 R3


New Member
Oct 5, 2015
Hello Everyone,

Gry here, and I'm hopefully an AWO in the making. I ordered an AW 17 R2 30+ days ago. Unfortunately it didn't work, bad first experience. However! slate got whipped clean, and a refund with compensation for inconvenience had restored my faith. SO, a "replacement" has been ordered as a new purchase. A super 17 R3 maxed out specs, minus an amplifier. The anticipation is real, the wait is killing me, if you add the previous wait and mess in-between! but this being said I remain patient and positive, although there's a slight "chance" it's gonna be delayed. My fingers are crossed! and hopefully it gets dispatched tomorrow!

Also is any one in the same boat for the new 17 R3?

Hopefully get to know you all a bit better over the foreseeable future!