New Build

Thought I would start a new Thread for the Predator build. Just got it from UPS it is in pretty good shape a few light scratch's on it. Haven't decided to repaint the out side yet. I like the color Alienware had it pretty nice blue. No cracks or dents. Inside is very clean and in great shape. Will have to do some thinking on cooling and fans for this project.
Some nice ideas there. Well I got the cpu today a i5 4430. I did some research and found that for gaming the 4430 stood up against the i7 4770 not OC'd pretty well. In gaming bechmarks it come with in a few percent.
4770K ----- 4430
Heaven 4.0 1.0 -- 0.99
3DMark 11 GT1 1.0 -- 1.0
3DMark 11 GT2 1.0 -- 1.0
3DMark 11 GT3 1.0 -- 0.99
3DMark 11 GT4 1.0 -- 1.0
Alien vs. Predator 1.0 - 1.0
Lost Planet 1.0 --- 0.96
Metro 2033 1.0 -- 1.05
Average Performance Deficit 1%


Also ordered a Asus GTX660-DC2O-2GD5 I can always get another one down the road price was pretty good at 189.99 after rebate and a free game.
Lastly ordered a Corsair H80 as I don't want to cut up the top and can mount it on the back. Both should be here tomorrow.
Thanks glade to keep you thinking..Well when i bought the case it was to have all the light stuff in it. No such luck, the led's which there are a lot and the lines are in there but no control boards. Did some research God I love the internet. And found that it's suppose to have a back-end ELC FX Light Mother Board. With a Front-end ELC FX Light Daughter Card. there were 2 of each on ebay so I scooped all of them up. Alienware sure liked to do things the hard way. Ten years ago they were ahead of the times but they sure like to keep things to them selves. I want to try and put this thing back the way it was intended but with all modern insides. It is going to take longer that I thought.
20140221_160735.jpgGot a little work in to the build yesterday and 2day. Did some work on the case and wiring decided to save the blue kind of like it. Mounted the Asus mobo and the Rad fit in pretty good. Decided to reverse the side case and hard drive fan's to bring fresh air in along with the PCIe fan. will exhaust the air with the rad fan. I think I can get more air flow that way, we will see. If I need to and prob will I'll add a push fan to the Rad. Waiting for the PSU be here Monday. Ordered a PCIe mSata converter for a mSata I have will put the OS on it. The FX lite board and passive lite cars will be here Monday also. Pretty much up to date on it.
Thanks..MattyB Had to know if it was working before I got to much together so hooked up an old Area 51 PSU and Joy every thing works so far. The gtx 650 feels like a toy lol. The smallest desktop card I ever had was a 5790 and had two of those. Installed windows from a Alienware disk to give it an Alienware feel. Now for the lighting system to get here Monday or Tuesday.20140222_154744.jpg20140223_063210.jpg
@Alienwulf Thanks man! I definitely learned from the Mod God, Mr. Bill Owen. I've literally watched all of his YouTube videos. They're very helpful and provides a ton of useful tips and the RIGHT way to do things AND he actually tells you what brand of product to use. That's how I ended up with a great paint job. I took my time and used his recommendations. You should check out his store and the forum
I also have more mods and work there that's not Alienware.

P.S. Your build looks great!!