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Jan 20, 2014
San Diego Ca.
Haha. Nice one! No need to be saved. It's a passion. Embrace it!

Ya my wife will embrace me..with a wack up the side of the head if she finds out not telling her about this one. It's getting to the point where I could open a store. All joking aside I am looking forward to this case since it has water cooling with a rad in the top I can see all kinds of things I can do. I put a solar system in and it gets turned on Tuesday by SCE my electric bill keeps going up so I figured no bill I can run all the power I want. lol :cool:


Feb 26, 2012
20140312_110706.jpg20140312_110658.jpgThanks jay well not as good shape as I had hoped. The guy was like pulling teeth to get ever thing. He wanted to keep stuff because I got the price down, then there was damage. Had to be the worse packing job I have ever seen. Plastic shopping bags? come on the pack hard as a rock when compressed. Anyway checking out what works and what won't will sell. I will end up gutting it I know but nice lines and thinking of maybe a ROG Poseidon water cooled with an Asus mobo..Hmmm do like Asus Here a re some shots after I pulled tons of molex connectors and wires what a mess.20140312_110759.jpg20140312_110738.jpg20140312_093846.jpg20140314_142032.jpg20140314_142053.jpg20140314_142041.jpg

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I spent about 3 hours yesterday just blowing it out pulling everything and washing it all in was that dirty.
Pulled the Rad out it was made by COOLLT for Alienware pretty nice set up for the time. I am going to keep the control from the pump it will control the top fans and display the temps on the front. Still works nice so I will incorporate it in with the new Rad. Going to order some parts Monday Rad for sure will take some time to put it in right. Not sure to go AMD or Intel this time any ideas out there? Intel is more main stream but AMD will cut a few bucks off the build and the 6 or 8 cores are pretty nice.20140315_114119.jpg20140315_174904.jpg20140315_174956.jpg20140314_142032.jpg
@Alienwulf lol Walmart bag packaging hahaha, wow. The damage on the back end sucks, but it's nothing that can't be fixed ;) Good thing you wiped that thing down all the way! That's the first thing I do when I buy used cases. Can never be too careful. I really like that little liquid setup man.
Update moving along decided to go with a Asus Sabertooth 990FX motherboard. For the processor went with a Black FX8350 a nice pair for gaming. Not sure on the gpu got several choices. If I sell this one prob a GTX660 but I am thinking of keeping it. So maybe a GTX770 or a Mars760 again. Not going to be the Poseidon went with a H100i for the cooling ended up cleaner. Here are a couple pics of the outside not done on the inside yet still need GPU and more memory on one 4g stick..20140322_100033.jpg20140322_100243.jpg
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Jan 22, 2014