New GPU GTX 970 for Area 51


I've bought the new Area 51. Now I was wondering: I've got a Palit GTX 970 (blower model) because that one fitted nicely in my older X51. Now I was wondering, because the Palit makes quite a lot of noise, if I should replace it with a other version, maybe the Gigabyte G1 Windforce (it gets nice reviews and is ...according to the youtube videos.. a lot more quiet). Question 1 is: would it fit? Because it is a big card. Question 2 is: is it a wise decision at all, can I get a better performance with the OC version of the G1 ? I can sell the Palit for a very good price, so that's not a problem. And im planning to buy another one in summer for SLI.

Or do you have a better advice in this? Im still quite new in the PC gaming stuff...


Aug 7, 2014
Wish I could help... I just keep things at the original settings. Why mess with perfection? lol Im the same as you... very new at this! Just got my system 5 days ago and love it! My advise is to just leave it!