Dec 26, 2012
Your better off getting a solid state drive you can get a 512gb cheap enough know use it as your boot drive(Samsung pro/evo) and just use your 750gb drive for storage photos, documents, music and anything else you don't need to run at high speeds you won't regret it. Sorry take no notice when ive read again I see your using your 750gb for storage so you probably already have a ssd as your boot drive I do apolagise
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I use the 750 as my data drive, for movies music ect. I also have the samsung 512gb msata drive and bought a samsung pro series SSD 512 gb drive. I run the two 512Gb samsungs in a raid 0.
Just to give you an idea a benchmark of the drives gave me something Round 80mb/s for the data drive and he raid 0 with the ssd drives gave me a transfer rate of 1058mb / s! I couldn't believe he difference. People say they don't recommend setting up a raid array with the msata drive for some reAson. I'm can say with certainty you will NOtice the performance jump the most by adding a SsD drive to your system and setting up a raid array using that SSd with your msata drive.

I say use a msata drive because I'm not sure how many open Hard drive slots you'll have left. Right now my system has the 750gb data drive and a 512gb Samsung SSD drive in one of the HD caddies, and my other drive is in the mSata slot. Not sure if there is room for a 4th HD.

Do it you will not be disappointed. Even my windows boot time got cut in half!