New M18 issues

Just recently bought a brand new M18, was so excited to get it out of the box and start playing on it. And then I hit a 7 my audio/mic jacks decide they don't want to work anymore.

I work nights so when I get home at 2am, I usually put my headset on so I don't get wife aggro (you never want wife aggro at 2am) and play games for a few hours to unwind. I went through all of tech supports' troubleshooting and they came to the conclusion I need a new sound board. Spent $3500 and already need new parts, wonderful.

I wouldn't be so upset if I hadn't also owned an X51 that needed MASSIVE tech support just weeks after turning it on (New MoBo, HD, as well as a new WiFi antenna). Also my Aurora's GFX card was faulty and burned out on day 5 of playing games.

Maybe I'm just bad luck? Or does this stuff happen quite often?


Feb 2, 2012
Welcome to Alienware Owners. I feel your pain. I had QC issues with a Dell M6600 laptop. At one point I had 3 of them sitting here. A replacement for the replacement. LOL I think it was because it was the end of the M6600 and the M6700 was launching soon. Priorities I guess.

In your case, I feel that its because most new models or R1s as we like to call it, tend to have growing pains. I don't know how they test these things, probably in a lab, but there is nothing like having it tested in the real world by real customers. R2s normally have fixes for issues that were realized in the first release.

Is it worth it to have the latest and greatest? I think it is. :)


Sep 19, 2013
It a new machine I wouldn't let the tech open it up. make them give you a new replacement. Dell tech doesn't have training on anything . all they do is take the open book exam online on
how to tear a machine apart. they have to work with over 100plus different desktop and laptop. On laptop lots of tech tear the machine apart either they lost the screw or don't know where it goes too .
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I currently have two alienware 18;s at my house. one im typing on right now that has the wrong service tag entered by a dell tech into the motherboad bios and also updating to the new version of command center ruined the alien fx. Updated command center, alien fx would not work and tech could not fix it. they sent a tech to my house to replace the motherboard. Bam alien fx works but tech enters wrong service tag in the bios. Alienware says it cannot be fixed and sends me a brand new latop. while waiting for the new laptop i updated command center again. and again alienware fx stops working .lol.

new laptop arrives, the day i was about to send back old one, new laptop goes on fire at work in front of everyone as i was showing off battlefield 3!!!!!.

Now i have two alienware laptops sitting here. one that went on fire, and one that has all sorts of tech issues but atleast it turns on. they are building me a new laptop as we speak and sending it out eventually. once i get that i will send back these other two . needless to say its been tough.

for my troubles i basically got a samsung 512gb SSD Pro Series for like 200 bucks with taxes and stuff after i used all the coupon credits dell gave me for all the crap i been dealing with. and they are giving me a 1 year extended full in house warranty on top of hte normal 1 year one that comes with the laptop.

So they said I will be fully covered for parts and a tech coming to my house for 2 years. Thats pretty good. after 2 years it will be time for some changes anyway. lol. Hopefully the bugs are fixed by then.

I really wish i knew why upgrading command center causes me to get the error that it cannot talk to the alien fx board ect. it happend twice now. we will see how a new system runs once it comes.