New Member Saying Hello

I'm new to AW, and am patiently awaiting the arrival of my customized m17x r4 next week.

I actually don't have aspirations of gaming with it, instead will be using it to run lighting shows for a band. I have LED video walls, ILDA animation lasers, and tons of intelligent lighting fixtures that will all be controlled at once from this laptop using different programs. I needed some serious horsepower to run all the necessary programs simultaneously to the appropriate interfaces. Literally tens of thousands (might be upwards of a couple hundred thousand lol) of pixels (DVI) for the video walls alone - in real time - eat up a fair amount of resources.

I went with AW because I loved the 'bling factor' of the lighting, and the high quality guts of the thing - not to mention it seems to be built like a tank - as far as laptops are concerned. The one I used as a reference at the store sure was, anyway. I do feel they are overpriced compared to some other options out there. But they LOOK so much cooler (my opinion) than any other laptop on the market that I've seen. And in some of the smaller venues where the PA and lighting consoles will be located right next to audience members walking around - I think it will become a conversation starter. It will certainly be noticed. And referral-based business is what makes this industry keep going, so the more things I can do to make a 'cool' impression and stand out with potential clients, the better!

I will also use the laptop for casual use as well. But aside from the lighting work, I'm just a casual web surfer that occassionally uses MS Office and some combination of iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Anyway...happy to have found a forum for AW owners. I've seen a couple other online forums dedicated to AW, but found the most helpful information on this one during my research.

So...after all that...HELLO ALL! :)