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Hello, I've been an Alienware admirer for years and an owner for the past 2. I started off with a M17Xr3, and now I have an M18X R1. My wife and I are big gamers (we play a lot of games, we aren't fatties :p ) Just thought I would say hi, and that I look forward to my time here on Alienowners forums!

My specs
M18X R1 (Red Case)
32GB (16GB usable, thanks windows :/ )
Nvidia Geforce 580M X 2 in SLI
Intel i7 2760QM @2.4Ghz <---- needs upgrading
Dual 256GB SSD in Raid 0 (512GB total) <----- wish I had room for one more standard drive
Killer wireless N-1103
Blu-ray player

Best external feature about the laptop by far is the HDMI port! Makes playing xbox so simple.
Thanks for all the reply's. I'm really loving the laptop. I just wish there were more mods and fun things to do to it (although it doesn't really need anything) like I could do to a tower. Have any other m18X owners been able to mod the subwoofer?

Mod the subwoofer? The best thing I can recommend is to get a DAC/AMP and get a good set of speakers.

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Hey Yikes, I guess I did say that wrong, I meant something such as a small speaker upgrade, not a replacement for a proper audio systes external to the laptop. At home I have a Dahlquist Setup which works very well. I'd just like a little more for when I take the laptop on the go. If you have ever owned one of those small vacuum tube speakers that connect to an Ipod or other players you may know what I'm talking about. The sound they give off is not conducive the the size of the speaker.