New motherboard


Jan 9, 2013
There are some posts with tips on the Dellware forum, & in this forum ...

If you want the side LED lights to work, pick something off of the Motherboard Swap Database

For CmndCntr software see How to Install Command Center for a Non-Alienware Motherboard

Typically when you mthrbrd swap, you need to buy longer front panel & USB cables of about 22" or longer (try google/eBay/amazon/Newegg etc), in the meantime, find a couple of forum swap posts & try to read up ... then narrow down a motherboard choice

This question has been asked many times, and the answer is simple.... YES you can swap the motherboard without any problerms. Just ust the same size as the original which is an ATX mobo (standard size). You will have to extend 2 cables 1 for the alienhead power button, and 1 for the USB3 header if you want the front usb to work. (this is explained in the previous post links)
I did a full swap in my area51 R2: MSI z590 mobo, core i9 11900k, watercooled via corsair H100i elite capellix (240mm radiator). I then cut a hole in the side window and installed a plexi panel.


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