New nvidia graphics cards!

The new nvidia GTX 980 & 970 are ready for release - anyone upgrading?
heres some stats -

remains to be verified out of a Laboratory in my humble opinion :)

the previous cards should begin to drop in price too.. gonna stick with my 880 for now and maybe treat myself at Christmas! happy gaming N

I am trying to decide if I should go from Dual Gtx-780 Superclocked to 980's, or just keep what I have.


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
You will need a modded driver to run a card like that in an older laptop. Go on eBay and search for an 870m on there. Try to find a seller called upgradeyourlaptop. They will have a link in the product description for a driver for your card and your machine. Thats what I did when installing my 780Ms into my M18x