new options !?!?


Mar 25, 2012
So I got my M14X in Feb now dell offers like 16g ram much better processor and the new Nvidia card.....OMG WTF right....I have the 2.2ghx i7 with 8gig ram and the GT555M 3g ..... is it worth it to invest on upgrading it at all or not and they also offer blue ray.....i know its hard to keep up but should i just live wityh my kit which runs BF3, MW3 and anything else but im kinda complusive and always wanted the best and latest however it seems like im gonna piss my money away.
any thoughts!?


Apr 12, 2012
This is just me, there will always be something bigger and better down the road especially with comp. Other than a better gpu and more ram the new one comes with, I think you're good imo. You can get more ram anytime, even though 8 is good for most people.

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Feb 25, 2012
Like Sway said, there is always going to be the "next version" that's just a little bit better than what you have. The best thing you can do is just use what you've got (which is pretty good) and just get something new in a few years.
If you're going to quote 'piss your money away' you should invest in a desktop. Because everything for desktop is easier to upgrade and more powerful, and likely cheaper. I have a similar rig to yours, give or take some and I'm very pleased with it. My next investment will be in a desktop I think. Custom built, but hopefully in an Alienware case.

Similar story, I bought my iPhone 3G about 3 years ago. At this point, it's hurting bad, when I got it, I had to pay 100$ towards it, less than 1 week later, the iPhone 3G became a Free phone, and the 3GS became 100$. So now I have grandpa software and a grandpa phone. It's really bad when some of the apps you want, you can't have because your phone is too old....