new owner query


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Jan 31, 2015
United Kingdom
Hi All

Just bought a second hand alienware.

It has a 250gb ssd but i noticed straight away there was only "145gb free of 229" so i eventually found a hidden file in the cloud which was the old owners details but when deleting only freed up an extra 15gb or so.
Thinking it cant be right I used the respawn function back to factory state but it only got me too 184 free of 229.

Sick of messing about and didn't want any hidden files i thought id just format the drive and reinstall windows immediately after it was on 193 then after downloading all the updates it went down to 174 free,then after avast and chrome it went down to around 150 ish.

At the minute i have avast google chrome vlc player open office and alien respawn and im on 146 free out of 229 there's literally nothing else on my laptop and i'm thinking this can't be right?

Also after downloading respawn again it says to create a disc, is this how it would have been before, as it did it from my hard drive to factory state.

I know 11 gb of my 250 hard drive is reserved for recovery but i cant get into it - would there be a respawn option in there?