new owner.

hello world

thought Id give a quick hello

I was giving an Aurora (its an R1 from what I read) by a friend of mine.
he said its been sitting unused for 8 or so years (if that sounds right)
said the power button is broken.

it came with the i7-920 and 9gb of ddr3 1066
two 500gb hard drives. and a GTX 260.

I pulled the gpu and 4gb of ram to use in another build

been looking to upgrade and get this creature up and running
thinking 12gb ram ssd boot drive and 1tb storage
then maybe a gtx 780 or 980 which ever I can find dont want to go too high end on it.
so i had a question. while I wait on parts to show up, does this motherboard have video out (integrated graphics).
I was going to see about getting the computer up and running before the graphics card shows up
but Im not seeing any type of video out on this board (no hdmi dvi or vga) or am i overlooking something,