New R4 Owner

Well I have owned Dell stuff in the past, recommended Dell stuff to the businesses I work with both Server and Desktop / laptop. I have built my own and I have to say I do like this R4, yes I could have built one that was better at half the cost (been there done that and got the scars). I have a great machine with 3 years next business day on-site and no headaches about it.

Yep I know what the opportunity cost was and was willing to live with it and enjoy it.

Thanks Alienware nice piece of hardware.


Feb 26, 2012
grats. and same here when i got my r3 i could have built a better system then i bought. been there done that also. but its the looks the go with the cost. im working on a haf stacker and to make it my own i have to paint it mod it and so on. out of the box the aurora has it. until the bug bit me and i had to mod the thing lol. welcome to the club