New system - every game crashes

I just got a new M15 R4 in the past two weeks, and have been becoming frustrated at issues I've been having with pretty much everything I try to run game-wise. All seem to be video-related issues, and I have been trying a myriad of solutions to try to find and eliminate any sort of software conflicts but have (for the most part) come up empty. I've gone so far as to disable TDR checker in my registry, change refresh rate for the whole system to a default of 60Hz, etc etc. Below are the games I've been trying to run and how they're crashing. You'll notice that nothing is a brand new screamer of a game that would really tax my system, so the RTX 3070 SHOULD be able to run them with one hand tied behind its back, and thermal issues have never popped up - even on the heels of a crash (everything CPU & GPU is < 60). But I've also tried to ensure that the system wasn't being overclocked just to be certain. I've done the System File Checker a few times as well, and probably a couple others I can't think of off the top of my head. Here are the games and crashes experienced:

Civilization VI: Won't run, either DX 12 or DX 11. When loading the game itself (start game after the menus) it crashes out. Occasionally I'll get "display device has failed." Other times its simply the Firaxis Crash Reporter that pops up.

Civilization V: Black screen of death. Often I will get the box blaming the crash on "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED. Driver Failure."

Aim Lab: This is about the only thing that has run without issue.

Minecraft: Has improved with its stability with some of my fix attempts. But still getting Exit Code 0 crashes occasionally. Sometimes I can play for 5 minutes, sometimes 20-30. The biggest help I've had here is turning off the GeForce Experience overlays.

Splitgate Beta: Crashes after maybe 10 seconds of getting into the game (if that). Sometimes crashes out while still waiting in the queue. UE4 crash reporter is the only clue here.

When researching issues individually with these games the solutions are always update drivers, then check integrity of the install / reinstall. I'd be okay with integrity if it was just ONE game, but this is obviously something that's across the board issue. I'm still within my 30 day window, so if I got a bad system out of the box I still have some time to get it taken care of, but I'd also be happy with a fix if its not a bad hardware issue so I don't have to deal with the headache of shipping something back and waiting for a new one.

(Cross posted to the Dell Community as well)
Thanks in advance for advice and solutions!