New to forums and Alienware


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Oct 11, 2013
Well i finally went ahead and ordered an Alienware 17 laptop, have been wanting one for many years and finally did it. Ordered on 10/7 and not supposed to be delivered till 10/30, anticipation is going to kill me lol. Can't wait to get my hands on this thing :)


Dec 26, 2012
I'm sorry to say but its pot luck as sum get there systems sooner than their estimated delivery date. Sum get it a week or two after all you can do is check the website and check how far along building stage it is. Once you get a final shipping date it usually quite accurate. Sorry I couldn't help you more but when it does come it will of been worth the wait.
I know that feeling! It is so close but you have to wait just the little longer! You just want to jump in your car, drive over there and get it but you know they won't allow that for security reasons :( Bedtime the night before is like Xmas Eve because you know that just one more night's sleep to go before waking up to the big day when your baby arrives :) Have fun tomorrow when it lands - we know you're gonna! :D