New to gaming pc's


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Dec 12, 2019
Hi all,

I just purchased an Alienware m17 17.3" gaming laptop from best buy, I have mostly older games, we are talking like from 2009-now, and I noticed with most of the games the fans kick on loud, but there is an immense amount of heat coming from the top and bottom of the laptop. I use our kitchen table as a desk, and I didn't want there to be any issues from the heat. All of the games ive been playing (Sims, Jurassic World, and The Isle) are instantly ran with graphic settings on high, I haven't touched them. Is there a specific setting you would recommend while gaming? Also, I know I can change the thermal setting on this thing, it was on balanced and the laptop was hot to the touch, a friend recommended changing it to quiet, and it isn't producing as much heat. Any tips/pointers would be great, I just wanna make sure I don't do any damage to the laptop or any surface I have it on.

Also, if anyone has info on what to use to record during gameplay, or how to get more options with Ansel Camera, please let me know!