New toy


Nov 24, 2014
Just ordered my first A.W. supper happy! Been looking at them for years but have never had the doe to pull the trigger. Im upgrading from a Asus g60v witch served its purpose for the last 5years but has become too out of date to play any new games on. So I ordered myself a aw 17! 860m with 16g of ddr3l. 1Tb with the 80g msata I7 processor at 3.4ghz overclocking to 3.7 also have a 120 gig ssd ill be taking out of my 60v. And using for my boot drive. Also upgraded to the f. hd. panle.. still in production at this time cant wait to bring her home ![emoji7] [emoji7] [emoji312]
After reading some outstanding reviews on the AW17 (compared to Asus ROG and MSI Dominator), seems like it's the best gaming laptop out there, except for one thing - both Asus and MSI offer the NVidia GTX980M GPU. I chatted with a Dell rep who "had no knowledge" when I asked him when Dell would be offering that option for the AW17. Anybody know something unofficial about Dell's plans? If so, any hint would be appreciated.

The ROG has a better IPS screen, the Dominator has far better audio and customizable keyboard, but AW beats them both in all those categories. I would be buying TODAY if Dell would get off their arse and match what the competition has been offering since August or September.. - this is why I'm interested in the AW17, and a couple other reviews elsewhere.

I have - make that "had" - a 3-yr-old Asus republic of gamers 17" lappy that my wife's nephew took over to use for school, and he erased all my games & other stuff like MS Office :) so I guess I effectively gave it to him permanently. SO now I need a new one. Had a Dell M1710 and M1720 before that. But I want a future-proof machine that'll last for years even with new games.

From the review for the MSI Dominator:

"Out with the old; in with the new. MSI outfitted the GT72 Dominator Pro with a top-end Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M GPU with a whopping 8GB of VRAM, which promises desktop-level performance. The GPU shredded through Shadow of Mordor, producing an average of 67 frames per second on ultra settings at 1920 x 1080p"

"The Dominator Pro cut through the 3DMark Fire Strike test like a hot knife through butter, scoring 8,228, which shattered the 4,861 desktop-replacement average. However, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M GPU-powered ASUS G751JY was just slightly more powerful, scoring 8,367. The Alienware 17 and Digital Storm Krypton, outfitted with last-gen Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M GPUs, hit 5,389 and 5,527, respectively."

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Forgot to mention that in Shadow of Mordor, the 880M was barely 30 fps on ultra. 30 fps is considered the minimum for gameplay, and games only get more demanding in the future.

I just hope Alienware doesn't wanna charge arm + leg for the 980M.

Am seriously considering the MSI Dom instead as it would probably be a lot cheaper than AW, but the screen is just "good enough". The Asus has a better, IPS screen but is not even adequate when it comes to audio unless you wanna use headphones, the keyboard not as customizable, etc.

So the best of all would be the AW17 if they offered the 980M..