New X51 fan noise issue


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Sep 24, 2013
I've read about these computer's fan noise and mine is insane. Received it today. X51 R2, i5, 760 vid card.

Turned it on and boom, a blast of loud noise came at me...I assumed it would be just booting up but it never stopped. I downloaded speedfan and lowered the percentage on the 3 fans but that really did nothing to lower the wife was downstairs in our living room and kept asking what the noise's that loud.

I installed the latest A02 bios, I opened the side cover and looked at the fan was ok, nothing odd or out of place...I got so annoyed, I boxed it back up and am ready to call Dell tomorrow to ship it back.

The problem is I'm a semi geek and love to fix things and I really don't want to go through the issues with returns and trying to find another computer since I really need one right now.

Any one else have the super loud fan issue and any other ideas for me to try before I ship it back?



May 4, 2012
Open the side cover, remove the gpu.
There is a power wire that goes to the gpu on these that during shipping can come loose and hit the gpu fan.
Move the wire and put it back into the metal clips that hold it down.

This has been a issue since the first gen of the x51.
Replace the CPU fan.

It's up to you to replace the heatsink altogether and finding things that will fit- but what did it for me was just getting a new PWM fan, seating it on the current heatsink, and I lost about 3 degrees Celsius along with the loud noise, if the noise in question is a high pitched frequency-like noise.