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Feb 3, 2014
Stevenage, UK
Good evening all. Thought i'd introduce myself. My name is Kevin and I have just raided my piggy bank and ordered myself an Alienware 17. Been out of PC gaming for some time using PS3 and now PS4 instead. This is all well and good but they are fairly limited and I always used to enjoy flight sims as well as all the usual FPS and RPG games which require somewhat more power. So with that in mind are there any must have PC games to put my new machine through it's paces once it arrives later this month. Kev
Hey there welcome to the club :) You have the (very almost) same spec as me and let me tell you - it is a beast :D It will easily play the latest games at max settings at full hd - except Crysis 3, which needs to be dropped from ultra to very high :( :) Enjoy it.