No Alienware. But I was told to come here! :D


Feb 4, 2012
Hi everyone. Hi Glock, I do not know what to call you I do not know which one is you. Anyway sorry about the introduction thread title but I was going for funny that is why the little ":D" face thing. So I do not have an Alienware but I do game. I actually was in the same clan as Glock/Tommy and he told us about this place so I decided to stop by. I live in CA and ride motorcycles, game, hike and I guess whatever else strikes my fancy. I think I have known Tommy about 6 -8 years and tell you he is a stand up guy. It is no wonder he would create a site like this to help people network about their Alienware products.


Feb 2, 2012
Thanks for coming by and signing up Miss WaLkAway. I know you are always breaking the latest news on a lot of topics in the Gaming world, so I'm sure your threads and post will be interesting as always. :cool: