no audio output installed?


New Member
Nov 19, 2014
I've tried everything possible and cant fix my sound. Sometimes when I start my laptop it is on and other time is says that there is "no audio output installed". I don't know why it would only do this some times and not others. "SoundBlaster" only works half the time. I've tried clicking updates and windows say I'm fully updated. Need help :/

its called soundblaster recon 3di if that helps any
I had the same issue when I purchased mine. I tried everything from reinstalling from scratch to all sorts of drivers and software and nothing worked. I took it back to where I purchased it where it was retested and they confirmed it was a hardware fault with the laptop! I wasted days troubleshooting and browsing the internet for answers when it was a simple hardware problem! In any case it was within warranty so they replaced it with a brand new one and it is working perfectly fine.