Not the fastest type of connection


Feb 14, 2012
What type of internet connection are you using now? I am curious if there are any of you still using dial-up connection. It is not the fastest type of connection, but for some people, it is the only connection available.
I live in one of the worst places for internet here on the outskirts of kiev. Not a lot to choose from. We've tried 3g, dial-up with a signal booster,etc. Only one really worked well and thats the one I'm using now. Its called WiMax. The only downside, is that you need to have direct sight between the receiver and the sender. Luckily, we fit it on our roof and we get 30ms ping, 3mb/s in winter and up to 20mb/s and 1 ms ping in summer ^^
the worst of all "ME" in my country 3g was recently introduced and still it is not wide spread over the country... the place i live in is still only supporting 2g lol really bad when i see some of the people outside my country who get very high speed internet services :(
i get 2mbps all the time and 68ms Ping from the nearest server