Now getting the High Pitch Whine from fan,,


Nov 3, 2013

I have notice a number of threads with this problem.
The whine is More noticeable when gaming vs isle web browsing.

Is the solution-contact dell for new fan?

can we do this ourselves - or is it done by Dell repair reps.

I personally have the issue with the DC Brushless Fan mounted on the CPU that has a very high pitch whine once it goes over 10% power.

I took the fan to my local shop, and I was able to find fans of the same width and length (80mm X 80mm). What I couldn't find was one that also matched the 4 pin connector and the 20mm height.

I ordered this one from E-Bay: Foxconn PVA080F12H

Your issue could possibly be the GPU fan so don't rule that out. If you are able to determine it's the CPU fan, this is one option for you. I didn't feel like dealing with Dell customer support and just paid the 10 bucks to have it shipped to my house.