Nvidia driver level

My X51 has an Nvidia 645 installed under Windows 8 64 bit running driver version 311.06. I have downloaded Nvidia Experience which tells me that the driver is up to date but I downloaded 320.18 from the Nvidia website after selecting the correct card and operating system but when I tried to install the driver it said no compatible hardware found so can anyone who has this system configuration please tell me what driver version they are running and if it's 320.18 how did you get it to install?

Thank you.

Owen Hamilton


Apr 12, 2012
Where did you download the driver from, nvidia site? Try downloading it again, could be bad download. There's a new driver out better than that one now, I think it's 320.39, it's giving good results. Eliminate the easy things it could be first, when you choose to install, choose custom, then clean install.

Try all that then report back.

tappin from a N E X U S
So it seems for some strange reason that 311.06 is the highest driver version that is compatible with the 645 GTX which is a bit strange as as far as I am aware it's not that old a card and certainly there are more up to date drivers than that, I downloaded the latest drivers completely uninstalled 311.06 which I kept a copy of just in case, tried installing the latest drivers and it said no compatible hardware found so had to reinstall 311.06