Nvidia Gt 650 m Problem on M14x

hi there
I have a problem with my m14x r2
I can't use my nvidia gpu because it says it is not present in the pc
I can't even enter the nvidia control panel because of this problem
I did 3 fresh install and in the third one I istalled the intel driver before the nvidia one
do you know how to solve this problem?
it says that the nvidia drivers were installed but not used for some strange reasons


Feb 21, 2012
Alright just in case you missed it, try this:
1. Reboot into safe mode
2. goto the Driver manager (right click on Computer and select Manage)
3. from the window that opens, goto Manage Devices
4. goto VGA and from there select the Intel Integrated Graphics
5. right click on it and select Properties
6. on the Driver tab press the Restore Drivers button
7. wait for it to finish and afterwards reboot your pc.

That fixed it for me.