Nvidia GTX 675M temperatures

Hi everyone.

I have the Nvidia GTX 675M 2gb card in my laptop (no OC), it's fairly new since i had to replace it around 1.5 months ago.

Everything is working fine, but i started getting these odd stutters and i've been trying to pinpoint the problem, so i started monitoring the temps, and i'm concerned about the temps my gpu reaches.

Under heavy gaming load it peaks at 74~75 degrees (maximum temp reached, it doesn't stay there) and i want to know if this is normal for this card.

Full specs:
16gb RAM
GTX 675M 2gb (not OCed)
i7 3720QM 2.6ghz up to 3.6ghz
Windows 7 64-bit

Please reply as soon as possible as i'm becoming very worried, i don't want to spend more money on this already overpriced piece of junk.

note: i've done all the maintenance steps possible, so the laptop is clean and spiffy in every way imaginable.
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