.:}O$G{:. On Counterstrike!

Jun 29, 2013
You guys like playing counterstrike?
I am working a a quite massive plugin that will allow ppl to make Mmorpg like mods.
Its not yet finished but it wont be long anymore, I will announce here too when its ready

If you have counterstrike condition zero you can check out my work ive done for cs:cz

Alien mod by .:}O$G{:. on CS:CZ:
Server ip: - click to join now

Greets & Hope to see you there!

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You can find more info about the .:}O$G{:. Clan here


New Member
Jul 1, 2017
Dude, can you start your server again? It was so fun to play! I really miss it. I was like 9-10 years old when i last played on your server but the time have passed by and i haven't played on it since 2012-2013 i think? If you decide to open up your server contact me at william_boe2@hotmail.com and send me the ip.