Occasional Black Screen

Hi AlienwareOwners. This should be a good question. Ok my Samsung PX2370 Led monitor occassionally goes into a complete black screen. I could be gaming, surfing the web or just booting up the computer and it will sometimes black out. This has happened on occasions not every time since the last year till now. Everytime it happens the desktop is still running but I will get no functions from the mouse or the keyboard it won't even get a beep when I hold down the keyboard button. I try to press alt delete control keys and nothing will happen. I would then manually shut the power off then I disconnect the power cable and press and hold the power button for a complete reboot after that the system works fine again. Like I said it happens occasionally not all the time I have no clue why it's doing that can someone please explain. One of my friend who is actually good with computers said it could either be my Gpu or my monitor causing the issues or my USB plug. What am I to do I'm not an expert in computers so any help would appreciated, thank you and cheers!
I thought that too but the power indicator is still on but it flashes on and off. The monitor would flash the words HDMI, VGA, etc. like as if it's looking for a port to connect it self too but at the same time it makes me think the monitor itself is on sleep mode but my setting for sleep mode is not suppose to be at random times if u know what I mean but yeah I hope this info helps a bit. Let me know what u think I should do.
Im going to try and swap out my monitor and use an old gateway monitor i have to see if this fixes the issue. If anyone else might have some diagnosing opinion please leave a comment Thanks. I'll keep you all posted if the swap fixes the issue or not, Cheers!

Update: I finally got the chance to swap the Samsung monitor with my old gateway monitor. Hopefully this fixes my black screen issue. If not my next step will be swapping the HDMI cable from the monitor to the desktop. Wish me luck.
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