OC'd my M14X good performance increase with no temp change

I had no increase in temps but pushed it 200+ PScore and stress tested with guild wars 2 using 99% GPU load. :thumb:

OFC I didn't push it at all but hey its in the top 1000 GT 650s and I didn't have to really push it at all and deal with an increase in temps. I mean that's pretty good to get that much of a free performance boost without getting a temp increase at all, only a tiny bit of overvoltage that probably isn't necessary, but I;ve had this laptop 9Months and ran it stock so its' got some room to spare.
Bout time it got an overclock to be honest. :p

Stock 3dMark11

Final Overclock, stable playable, stress tested, runs cool, great performance increase.

Guild Wars 2, Stress location and settings, 20minutes+temperature test.

Pretty good little laptop. I'm going to break it down and apply some Artic MX-2 eventually, and see how it deals with temps then.