Officially an OWNER!

Well, I received my X51 last week and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed! I took advantage of the recent savings on the I-7 with 16GB of ram and upgraded to the Nvidia GTX660. I am floored at the difference in gameplay. I played some WoW and MW3 over the weekend and it is simply amazing.

Glad to add another Alienware product to my everyday use! :)



Jul 13, 2012
My plan is to get one of these machines when my warranty runs out on my M15X lappy; I do love my laptop, but had a lot of problems in the last year. However, if there's any good offers appearing before or after Christmas, I know I won't be able to resist waiting! :D


Mar 4, 2012
Awesome! I have noticed that they have added more options since I bought mine (I got it around the time when they were first released). Since then, I have put a GTX 670 FTW and have had zero problems thus far. I got Borderlands 2 with the card as a freebie and I have been playing the heck out of it. Dishonored is my most recent aquisition and I also own BF3 as well as may others including Diablo III. Everyone of my games I play on max settings and so far no hiccups in performance. Enjoy, I know I have really enjoyed mine since I got it!