old times new ideas m18x lcd 8 beeps of doom , bsod


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Jan 2, 2017
starting out: dont care about grammar comments, punctuation,spelling, etc.

you can read and get the idea.........

Ok finally had the bsod 8 beep brick-let of doom. went through all the threads forums tried all the etc etc.

decided i didnt want a 5k m18x r2 paper weight , so i went to work.

here is a solution when screen is bricked no post, no external screen post, 8 beep tune of death.

quick background on idea. screen replace can (some times fix issue) screen reprogram works occasionally, repeated cycles of on off drain , with battery no battery, hold this button cycle , some times works.

just from these issues its not the screen in my opinion, (right or wrong) so here is what i think.

there are to many different ways this happens, and to many "fixes" for it to be the screen.

there is a relay/switch/etc in the path of the video cards (discrete and integrated) and screen circuit that is faulty, ie sticking, carbon covered contact that is getting stuck in the half way position, a point in the circuitry that a charge gets "stuck in" that blocks the flow of electricity, etc, etc, you should at least have the idea by now, there isnt enough voltage in standard setup to pull the contact to either side, etc etc etc

if your lucky you can get enough of a voltage spike to get it to jump to one side or the other, or push the charge, and then you get the uefi boot to the pre boot epsa screen.

when all else fails try this, follow all standard procedures, that have been stated before:

turn off
remove power cord
remove battery
remove cmos battery
hold power button to discharge and residual energy for about 15 - 20 seconds

now the fun part =)

get an hdmi cable and plug into the out port on your m18x. now plug the other side into the hdmi input on your m18x.

plug power cord back in

hold fn key and power on. (will most likely cut off very quickly)
turn on again
this time you should here the normal beep as bios starts to post.
when your screen cuts back on unplug one side of cable and go through the process of test etc.

battery test will fail, the battery isnt installed dont worry about it right now, click yes

when test complete click thorough test on bottom right and highlight each section run test to make sure you dont have any damaged items.

before you do anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

close screen

before you reboot system !!!!!!!!!!!!!

reinstall cmos battery
reinstall main battery

now open screen, click to finish and reboot.

hit your key to enter bios and update all your settings, date , drive order, ocing etc.

save and reboot.

here is the deal. you have a desktop replacement laptop. dont use the fn switch to turn the integrated intel crap back on.

you got the cool sli rig for a reason, to hot re paste, mod the sync, install it in a freezer. stop being lame and leave your discrete cards on.

i have been dreading this for a while. read all the post for a few years..... here is what created this today.

was turning sli off in nvidia control panel, apply to reboot...... didnt reboot got a phone call.
came back and forgot about changing to single from sli. realized i hadnt started intgrated intel crap since i installed windows 10 about 3 months ago. used function + i/d gfx clicked yes to switch cards and let system reboot.

system rebooted post bios and died as soon as it would start os load.

spread this around where ever it might help.

sucks i had to figure this out but glad i could give back to community.

there are no problems only solution.

its all on how you look at it.

!!!!!! i dont have time to shoot this out to every one, send it to dell , etc please get this out to forums , so more people can remedy this!!!!!!

ill be back next time i run across the impossible problem to help you guys out again.

Frozen Crew ( for all the old heads from the bbs, war dialer,chrome box, web ring days)