'On Battery' Settings

Hey all, so first I'll tell you about what brings me to making this thread.
I was playing League of Legends and I usually run at between 80 - 120fps at Very High settings with a 90ping. I started a game while on battery and I dropped to 20fps... I dropped the settings down to High and the game played at 60fps with a 160ping, not so bad but definitely not as good as it could be.

I checked that my power management was set to my custom High Performance with the highest settings available. I read that while on battery the GPU processing speed is reduced to almost 0 and was wondering how to override this.
I used to have that Issue, everytime i was on Battery Mode, i coudn't play any game, not COD4 or any 256mb Video game.

I was told about something that the BIOS dissables the GPU to increase battery life, i did a lot of things to my lap so i could finally play any game at any FPS while in Bettery Mode. I upgraded the VBIOS and the BIOS, i think that made it for me.


Feb 12, 2012
you know, i play LoL on balanced all the time and i usually get a flat 60 and i never lag or anything even while just on battery.

have you checked the temp on your video card while playing or your cpu/ram usages while playing? i mean, 20 fps sounds like something else might be going on. maybe change the power settings to balanced while unplugged for one or two games and see if that helps.