Only outputs on external screen, yellow bands on screen.


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Jul 16, 2013
I am repairing a friends M17x R2 and ran into an annoying issue.

During use the system died and is now stuck on 640*480 resolution on an external display only. I did the usual checking of the card and ended up reapplying heatsink and chekcing the solder and put it all back together. However, it's still not working.

When the machine boots, it beeps twice on BIOS. It fails and has
"Error <f1> to resume or <f2> to goto setup." the screen has blue lines through it and looks like a graphics card error.

Anyway, pressing F1 to continue loads windows in 800*600 resolution, I can up the resolution, but it then leaves large (feint) yellow bands running through the screen.

It will only output on an external monitor, and not on the laptop screen. The video adapter is only showing as "vga adapter" too.

Any ideas?

I got it into Windows, updated the driver (ATI Radeon HD 4870) and its still the same (yellow lines), but will now only boot in safe mode. Booting in normal mode will cause instant BSOD with a ATI driver error.
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