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Organized Gaming Team?


Feb 25, 2012
I'm not sure if this is really feedback but,

does anyone else think it would be cool to form a team of gamers from the site to compete in various games?
It would be cool if we could compete in tournaments as a site (if that makes any sense).
I play competitive Tribes Ascend, you could probably get hooked up with some of the tourney websites out there. The newest one is called:
http://sandboxclan.net/teams.php I play for Team Envy
It's going to be the hub for players who are new and want to play comp, but aren't on the level of Team IDK? or HeartBreakers or such.
This game is seriously going somewhere, the top team got sponsored by Razer and MLG has made a section for it on their website.


Mar 10, 2012
Where I live
whilst I really like this game I most often don't play the same games as everyone else. Been years since I bothered with BF. Perhaps Far Cry 3 will open up new possibilities later on this year. For the moment Im busy with PVP in SWTOR