Original Area 51 System


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Jul 9, 2021
I have an original Area 51 that I purchased for my son in 2009.

im debating on gutting it and using as a basic case, or selling and and starting from scratch. I have tried to research the value of these but they seem to be all over the place.

I don’t have current pictures of it, but I can take some if needed. I found the original info for it on the Best Buy site, that is where we purchased it in 2009.

it has an upgraded video card, but we have the original also. One of the hard drives was swapped for an SSD, but I’m pretty sure we have it also as well as the original Alienware keyboard.

I know this box was pretty significant in the history of gaming PCs. It would be nice for it to live on in a PC collection.

one important note: this tower weighs 85 lbs so shipping is not an insignificant issue. I am in Nashville TN area.

here is link to the Best Buy info page ( it was originally $3,100.00


I am open to reasonable offers.
Thank you for your time


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