Original Hangar 18

Markus Wolf

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May 16, 2016
I have been lucky enough to aquire an original working hangar 18. However, the previous owner never passed on the xp home media center 2005 disc ( no problem) but he also did not pass the driver disc or any alienware software.
I have been hunting around, but it seems dell don't support the pre dell version as the drivers are not on their old page. I have tried speaking to dell, but get shoved to a tech support guy who to be honest had a hard time understanding english.

Does anyone here have access to a hangar 18 disc? It is not the one with 5.1 surround or blu ray. It has standard slot loading dvd and stardard phono outputs. The part number on the side of the cases is PC-E74139A5.
I thank you for any help.


Aug 10, 2016
i was lucky to grab a Hangar 18 also. had to do some engineering/repairs to the one i found. replaced bad power supply with a modded atx supply. the internal 5.1 amplifier was bad so removed and added a asus xonar sound card.
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