Original O.G. Area 51 questions


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Aug 31, 2017
I have also posted this on the Alienware Forums, under the Technical Support Forum:

Hello fellow Aliens!
I recently purchased a Area 51 desktop from eBay for a really low price. It has a Pentium D processor at 3.00 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, and a Nvidia GeForce GT 520 graphics card with 1 GB of 64-bit DDR3 RAM. It had no HDD; I installed a 750 GB Seagate Drive in there, and have installed Windows 10 Home there.
My questions are about upgradability.
Here are the specs from BIOS:
1) BIOS NT94510J.86A.3239.2005.1205.1900
2) Pentium D CPU 3.00 GHz which is Intel EM64 T Capable (64-bit emulation maybe?)
3) System Bus: 800 MHz
4) System Memory Speed: 800 MHz
5) L2 Cache RAM: 2048 KB
6) Single-Channel Memory: 4 slots
7) Motherboard: Intel Model D945GPM
Okie, so...I think I might safely upgrade her RAM to 8 GB: 4 2 GB sticks at 667 Mhz speed - there is one in there now.
Graphics-card wise, the Nvidia GeForce GT 520 is rated for a Power Supply of 300 Watts, and draws only 29 Watts, so, that's the 1 thing I must check - the Power Supply rating. I have read that for this model, sometimes it was as high as 600 - 650 Watts....
Finally, I think she might run an older Windows OS more smoothly - I tried to have Dell Support auto-detect my system, for drivers and other goodies, but, well, the oldest ones I noted were for an original Area-51, running Windows 7 64-bit...so I am inclined to downgrade to Windows 7 64-bit - no worries there - God Bless eBay!
Anyway, any thoughts / advice / feedback / support I HIGHLY VALUE AND APPRECIATE!
Thanks in advance, fellow Aliens!