os corrupt?

hi everyone,
I have a alienware m17x (will get vital info if needed)
when it boots, it says no os.
tried the respawn for alien, it loads but does not function.
No os , so no restore.
I went in to bios, it will not let me select boot from cd or stick.
It had windows 7 orginally ,but had been upgraded to 10.
I have the orginal cds, but cant seem to boot from there.
not sure where to go now.
please help.
can not use your download for specs as no os. but i have it writtendown if you like
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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Press F12 during post to get into the Boot Menu. You should have the option to boot from the CD or USB drive from here.

In the BIOS are your HDD's/SSD's listed? If they aren't there then you may be having a similar issue to one of the other guys here who posted a thread recently.