Over clocking your m18x , good or bad idea ?


Feb 21, 2013
I wanted to start a thread about over clocking Alienware laptops , as I see some threads from about a year ago where people's opinion is that over clocking gpu and or CPU is a bad idea due to space and heat restrictions .

But it seems to me that opinions are or have now changed and lots of people are doing it to boost power for fun and to fix issues sometimes ?

Please tell me what you think about over clocking either your gpu or CPU on your Alienware laptop .

( Iv had a go at over clocking my gpu and so far it seems to be running ok ) but I would like to know what the rest of the forum thinks ?

I suppose it depends on what you are after. Some people like Mr. Fox and meaker would like every last drop of performance. So it's worth it.

But someone like me, where I would probably not notice it, and also that I couldn't be arsed putting that much effort in. Not worth it.

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